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Payment Plans

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How to set up a payment plan.

 To set up your payment plan you must first place your order using our 90% off code - PAYMENTPLAN (you must pay a 10% deposit)

 This will allow you to place the order for all of the items that you would like, works out postage, charges you postage (and the 10% deposit ) and this sets up your plan.

 You MUST take note of your order number as payment plan payments cannot be allocated unless your original order number has been detailed.

 Once you have placed your order you can now make payments on your payment plan.

Making Payments - Use the following link to make payments

You will see on the options you you can select £1 and 1p on the drop down options.  You can make payments as follows.

Want to pay £10.50 off your plan?

Select £1 on the pounds and 0p on the pence and adjust the quantity to the amount you want to pay (so 10 for £10) - Add to your basket

Then.. select £0 on the pounds and 1p on the pence adjust the quantity to the amount you want to pay (so 50 for 50p) - Add to your basket

Your basket total will now be £10.50

You must also include your original order number so that we can match up you payments

We do understand that this is a little complicated but unfortunately this really is the only way we are able to set them up without a HUGE admin problem.

We have had requests for so many payment plans we really wanted to get these added for you - Please feel free to email if you are unsure.

Note - Payment plans are excluded from any offers.

IMPORTANT INFO - Your order will NOT! be started until your payment plan is paid in full & we will NOT refund any amounts you have paid if you do not pay your payment plan in full you will loose your deposit and any payments made. This is YOUR responsibility to ensure your payment plan is paid. 

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