CURRENT TURNAROUND IS 2-10 Working Days* for 99% of our orders.

PLEASE NOTE DUE TO THE AMOUNT OF SEWN ITEMS CURRENTLY BRING ORDERED - Orders including Sewn items (as these are all handmade to order) Your order may Exceed the 10 working day and be included in the below 28 days. We are working as fast as we can to get orders out and hope that most will still be out within the 10 working days.

Our Turnaround can vary from order to order. As a blanket we say up to 28 days. All orders are handmade to order and this is why we do have the turnaround.

Please do refrain from emailing within the 28 days asking where your order is as this does take up a lot of valuable time and if your order was not going to be dispatched within the turnaround time you would receive an email.

Thank you


*turnaroud excludes delivery time. Delivery is 1 or 2nd class royal mail and is down to royal mail for the length of time it takes to reach you.